a stealth net autoconfiguration and analysis software

a project from alx & wiselynx
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    Enrico "wiselynx" Manzini thanks:

  • alx for giving the first original idea of selfdhcp, and for the help given in solving many conceptual problems.
  • professor Antonio Lioy from Politecnico di Torino for supporting this project as part of some exams at university.
  • lu_zero for all the times I asked you help crying because this or that did not work.
  • saria for supporting morally the long task of writing code and documentation, and even for distracting me some times, so that I did not get totally crazy.
  • Myrddin Emrys for giving me the inspiring model for this home page.
  • This software is dedicated to saria, with love: I kept the promise :-)


    This software is released under the GNU General Public License.


  • This project's page at SourceForge.

  • Home page for libpcap libraries.
  • Home page for libnet libraries.
  • Home page for libpopt libraries.
  • Home page for libxml2 libraries.

  • this page and the whole selfDHCP project are hosted by Logo