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    Compiling and installing

    Why is make not working?

    If the included Makefile of configure script does not work, please submit a bug report. This is one of the newer parts of the program, and has not been widely tested yet.

    Which library are required for selfDHCP to compile?

    Currently libpcap, libnet (both 1.0.x and 1.1.x are supported now), libpopt and libxml2. If not present, you'll get some errors in the configure script.

    Is selfDHCP only available as source code? Why no RPM/DEB/whatelse?

    Until we won't have a full working beta release, selfDHCP will be available just as source code. For future, at least RPM, deb and ebuild packages are planned.

    Architectures, protocols and OSs

    Which architectures are supported?

    Currently only x86 and SPARC has been tested, but should compile and work also on others. PPC and Alpha testing will be done soon.

    Which protocols are supported?

    Currently only IPv4 over ethernet. In theory the idea of selfDHCP should be applicable to any protocol that has some sort of address substitution like the one did by the gateway in an ethernet/IPv4 network. It may be future releases will include support for other protocol.

    Which OSs are supported?

    selfDHCP is being written under GNU/Linux and succesfully ported to Solaris. At the moment it has not been tested on other systems but because some care has been taken for portability, it should compile and run on other *nix like OSs, provided that the righ libraries are properly installed.

    Is there a Windows version?

    There is no Windows version of selfDHCP, and probably there will never be one, due to the fact that some tasks done by selfDHCP cannot be performed in Windows environment. And anyway, I hate Windows pretty much, and I'm not likely gonna code anything for it :-P
    Anyway, it _should_ compile and run properly under Cygwin. Tests will be performed soon.


    Why is selfDHCP working only on non-switched LAN?

    Because while HUBs forward the traffic on every port, making packets visible by everyone, switches forward traffic just on the right port. The tecniques commonly used as workarounds don't work in this case, because they usually require an a-priori knowledge of the network.
    Anyway, two solutions are provided. First, arp flooding can be performed with the -a or --arpflood options. Arp flooding is not quite effective, and generates a great amount of spurious traffic, but could be worth a try.
    The most powerful weapon against switches anyway is the active mode (-A or --active options) combined with profiles. This way, you'll be able to correctly configure even on a swithced LAN, provided you already know the main parameters.

    Why is feature xyz not working?

    This beta should not have features not working (excluding the MAC address change routine in the Solaris version). If you find any, please submit a bug report!

    Will selfDHCP ever have a GUI?

    Though it has been thought to be mainly a console and daemon application, we will probably develop some sort of GUI. Not now anyway, and probably not in the next times :-)

    Is there any other language than english?

    Ahem... multilingual is a wonderful thing. But right now we have some more important things to do... like getting the program to work properly :-) later we'll probably take care also of other languages.

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